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Drifting away from main agenda for African Day Commemoration, Malawi High Commission in United Kingdom took an extra mile by conducting trade exhibition to spur trade ties with potential stakeholders. Among the exhibited commodities include Macadamia nuts, Chombe tea, Mzuzu coffee, Linga wine, Malawi gin, and Kilombero rice.  Leading the Malawi High Commission delegation at the function was the Deputy High Commissioner, Judge Thokozani Agness Patemba, who reiterated the significance of Malawi’s attendance to the functions such as strengthening the existing African bilateral relations and off course celebrating African independence through establishment of Organisation of African Unity (OAU) on 25th May, 1963, which later turned to be African Union (AU)

 This year's celebrations in the United Kingdom were held at International Maritime Organisation (IMO) House. Different activities such as songs, dance, poetry from different African Union member states are performed on this day. Spicing up this year's event was the showcasing of national traditional foods by participating African countries.

This function also provides a golden platform for initiating trade ties among African countries both within and beyond Africa. African Day is commemorated annually on 26th May to signify African identity and unity. Globally Africans celebrates the liberty from colonialism and apartheid that was imposed on many African countries.

 On Wednesday, 6th of July, Malawi commemorated her 58th Independence with Prayers conducted at Bingu Internation Convention Center (BICC). His Excellency, the State President of Malawi, Dr. Lazurus McCarthy Chakwera graced the occassion accompanied by various distinguished guests.

In honour of this special day, prayers were also held at Westminster Abbey on 8th July. Traditionally the United Kingdom hosts prayers for all commonwealth countries on their independence day, which are characterised by choral music, psalms, canticles and anthems as enshrined in the Anglican traditional prayer services.

During this auspcious prayer service, His Excellency, Dr Thomas Bisika, the High Commissioner to United Kingdom was honoured by taking the second reading taken from the Bible, the book of  Luke 16:19-31.

Unlike the previous independence celebrations, which are richly decorated by traditional dances and soccer games, this year's commemorations were national prayers reflecting on the need for God's guidance in prospective national social, economic and political developments to be undertaken.The National Prayers were held under the theme; 'Rise, For a Resilient and Prospeous Malawi'.

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